President of Khmer National Liberation Front

President Sam Serey has played his activities for fighting for peace, freedom, democracy and seeking justice for Cambodian. He has been strongly committed with his endeavor to help his people and his country for real peace, freedom and democracy from Vietnamese Neo-colony and dictatorship regime Hun Sen. He was a former director of International Institute for Development Human Resource in Cambodia. He made a seminar and lecture at the braches of Wan Lan University and his institutes throughout Cambodia. He has written three books which published in Thailand and distributed to Cambodia. All these books have been banned in Cambodia by the dictatorship government of Hun Sen. He helped trained the political leadership, political view, politics and democracy to Cambodians. The students are monks and Cambodian in Thailand. The government is not happy with him and wanted to arrest him in Cambodia. Fortunately, he escaped to Thailand from the dictatorship government Hun Sen and protected by the UNHCR in Thailand. He and his families received his political asylum in Denmark. When he settled in Denmark in 2010, he still continued to fight for freedom and democracy for Cambodians.He had a meeting with member of Danish parliament Mr. Michael Austrup Jensen on April 19th 2012for discussion about the human rights violation in Cambodia, which was committed by dictatorship government and his master Vietnam. He has been also meeting with Danish ambassador Michael Hemniti Winther in Bangkok, Thailand August 20th 2012, for telling him about the situation in Cambodia. He also met with Mr.Bradley Cox who is the film maker who killed Chea Vichea. Sam Serey used to be a translator for Mr.Bradley Cox when he lived in Thailand. Now Mr. Sam Serey is a President of Khmer National Liberation Front which located in Denmark from December 12th 2012.

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